Science thought for the day

by webmaster on April 6, 2009

To what extent has science communication evolved in the manner that philosophy of science has evolved?

Of course there’s evidence that the means of communicating science has evolved but what of the way science is communicated. There’s quite a lot of science communicated badly nowdays for instance, but was this evident in the past?

The evolution of the philosophy of science has been driven… or maybe has gone hand in hand with… improved communication in general – causing such things as the reformation when the feudal system was being replaced and languages and education leapt forth with the invention of the printing press; to Vatican 2 when TV’s became standard in ordinary households. The more we could communicate with each other, the more the understanding of science evolved.

Similarly with science communication: this has evolved too as communication has evolved, but the evolution hasn’t been positive – the more we have learnt to read (the mass public that is) the more we have sensationalised and dummed down and bastardised science for impact…

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