On science advisors and the like…

by webmaster on November 17, 2009

Thinking about all the ‘stuff’ going on in the UK about the sacking and resignations of science or drug advisors made me think of how this applies to Ireland. I’m not even aware that there are drugs advisors to the Irish government… it would explain a lot of what’s going on in this country if someone is advising them to take drugs – and if they aren’t, maybe they should start!
Anyway, on a more serious note, it’s interesting that the solution to advice that they don’t agree with is to sack the advisor. That’s truly an interesting solution to a problem like that, and the reason they gave, because his comments weren’t in line with government policy. Surely that’s the whole point of an advisor – to provide advice outside of policy… he provides advice, they provide policy. To be honest I thought that any government in the world would struggle to come across as more clueless than our own, but it seems I was wrong.
I’m only thankful that we’re still so lost in the mire of fiancial ruin to even start looking at problems that involve science, though having said that I heard a clip of an Irish radio show today where a discussion about GM foods was in full flow between the anti-GM person who didn’t sound like a scientist and the pro-GM one who definitely is not a scientist… that’s an even more interesting approach to a scientific matter, isn’t it? Well at least the government wasn’t involved… that’s a good thing, right?
More to follow….

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