Darwin, Creation and Science Chat

by webmaster on September 27, 2009

Episode 2 of Science Chat http://www.sciencechat.podomatic.com/ looks at the controversy around the new film about Darwin, which was released this weekend. The film, Creation, has been unable to find a distributor in that well known defender of all things creationist, the United States. In the podcast, I discuss this with Professor Helena Sheehan http://webpages.dcu.ie/~sheehanh/, whom I have come to know from Dublin City University. Helena is an erudite commentator on religion, God and science as well as being a Marxist philospher, so is always a very interesting person to chat to about such matters, which I hope you’ll judge for yourself in any case.
The controvery itself and an interview which Ryan Tubridy of RTE had tried to conduct with Richard Dawkins (I say tried to conduct because as anyone who has seen the interview will agree, the man is barely capable of conducting a bus, let alone an interview) had already made me think about the use of the term atheist, and then I listened to the Science Guardian podcast Darwin and Dawkins… and I started to wonder why a body of people who chose not to believe in something because there is no evidence have to be labelled as aethists? Aren’t we the normal ones? In any other cases where people have a belief, they are labelled and everyone outside that group doesn’t need to be labelled. In the end we are all just scientists: we see scientific evidence as necessary to establish belief in something, so why do we need to be seen as different? – something I think the term atheist confers upon us… answers on a postcard please…
Anyway, the new episode of the podcast is available for download now, on podomatic and iTunes…

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