What are aliens?

by webmaster on August 17, 2009

This week’s (16th Aug 2009) Science Weekly podcast (http://www.guardian.co.uk/) reminded me of an earlier podcast by This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Project (04 Aug 2009) where they suggested that the aliens reported by those who claim abductions, are future humans.

Eh I hear you say???

Well, it’s an interesting suggestion – Why else would all these ‘aliens’ look like some type of bipedal humanoid? Unless its because they have a similar planet to ours and have developed the same type of bilateral symmetry of moving and vision as we have…
What I think the podcasters were getting at was the type of time travel that’s the plot device in Twelve Monkeys, albeit expanded over millennia maybe.
Basically the proposition is that these aleins which look like us have to be future humans, they are structurally too similar, and the reason that they’re coming back in time so to speak is that they are microbial scientists from the future, who are maybe trying to harvest microbes that they need to bring to the future for some reason or other, say to cure some new strain of flu (sound familiar) that’s raging and maybe there hasn’t been flu on earth for millennia.
Of course we know that that’s not true because time travel can never be invented… simply because if it ever were to be, we’d see the evidence of it now, unless all future time travellers only come back to times later than now, and now… and now… you get the point!

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