Rise of the geeks, an evolutionary response…

by webmaster on September 5, 2011

To be honest, I have to admit that I’m not even sure geeks is the correct term – so I’ll let you make your own mind up about that…
What I’m trying to convey is how, with the popularity of shows like The Big Bang Theory, it’s now more acceptable to be seen as a ‘geek’. Is this a new phenomenon – well, newish anyway? I suppose one could concede that Ross in Friends was a bit geeky, but he wasn’t really in the same league as Dr Cooper et al, so I do believe it’s relatively new.
So if these guys are truly geeky, how is it that they are accepted as geeks, and not ridiculed? And they are accepted… Sheldon even hacked into Super Bowl 44 – that’s about as accepted as you can get!
One reason could be the fact that one of them has managed to break away from the mould and hook up with the gorgeous non-scientist neighbour. But there’s more than that, I think.
I think the true reason we accept these guys is that these guys are actually the jocks of the geeky crowd, i.e. these guys are surrounded by the even more geeky and so they don’t even seem geeky anymore. And maybe that’s the answer, maybe it’s just an evolutionary response, survival of the fittest you might say.
It’s like that joke where two guys in the jungle are talking about how they would survive a tiger attack, and one guy says he would take the other guy’s shoes. When asked how that would save him, he answers that he can run faster than his mate if his mate has no shoes… so it’s not that we have to adapt to defeating every threat, just that we have to make sure we are the second most susceptible to the threat… or in the case of The Big Bang Theory make sure there’s plenty of even ‘geekier’ guys surrounding you!

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