Science Chat – Episode 23: Anonymous Peer Review

by webmaster on June 9, 2011

Ah, peer review, peer review… a subject so dear to the hearts of so many scientists and to so many of us science communicators as well. I guess it was only a matter of time before Science Chat was contacted by someone who wanted to put forward their opinion on this much debated subject. And so it came to pass that Alex Bortvin, graduate of the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute and Harvard University, now working at the Carnegie Institution, ended up on the business end of the virtual Science Chat microphone to do just that.
Alex believes that while peer review is not unnecessary, a scientist must have an opportunity to publish the data and make them accessible to the world, particularly when their research is on topics where proper peer review is not possible. Indeed he argues that the existing system is largely prohibitive and restrictive, and works against science as a whole… well we’ll let you judge his argument for yourselves. The podcast can be found in the usual place… as well as on iTunes.
As usual, if you’d like to comment on this or other science chat episodes, feel free. Also, if you’d like to issue a rebuttal through the podcast, please contact me either through the blog or through twitter (you’ll find a big button over there on the right to get you following me) and we’ll set that up.

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