Nature vs nurture and cats

by webmaster on April 10, 2009

First, I must apologise for the poor grammar on previous posts, and thank you to the kind person who has been pointing this out to me. I have paid particular attention to today’s post, so hopefully it passes the test.

I think this is an interesting question? It’s almost a nature versus nurture question.

If a cat, we take a cat for this example because… well we just take a cat because a cat happens to come to my house for to be fed. It’s not my cat or anything, it just comes, and I feed it.

If a cat were fed cat food that contained no fish from the time it was a kitten, would it still be pre-disposed to like fish? This question arose because I gave the cat that I feed (still not wanting to call it my cat) some fish scraps and she or he looked at them and then looked at me as if wondering exactly what it was. Granted it hadn’t come out of a pouch and wasn’t covered in gravy of some sort, so it looked quite unlike the food that he or she normally gets from me. So, if a cat who has never tasted fish likes or wants fish, then presumably we like or want meat: we are carnivores after all. So what does that say about vegetarians? I believe I’ll conduct a little literature review on studies done on vegetarians from a genetic point of view. Watch this space.

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