There are no two cultures!

by webmaster on April 1, 2010

Freedom of information documents released today, April 1, by the British Government under the 30 year law show that CP Snow whose ground breaking and controversial lecture ‘The Two Cultures’ given in the term he occupied the position of Civil Service Commissioner was in fact a government sponsored experiment designed to flush out scientists and humanists with communist sympathies.
The premise delivered in the 1959 Rede Lecture was that the breakdown of communication between the cultures of science and humanities, the two cultures of modern society at the time, was hindering the ability of mankind to solve the world’s problems. The British Government hoped that by measuring the response of noted scientists and humanists, they would be able to ensure that they could identify and further monitor the actions of those who revealed communist sympathies at a time when the Cold War was in full flow.
Whether they were right or wrong to do this, and whether it was even of any value, the lecture itself and subsequent publications have caused this supposed rift to be widely discussed by science communicators ever since, causing highly polemic positions to come out from both groups over the intervening 51 years of debate.
Imagine their surprise today when they learn that CP Snow himself didn’t believe the content of his lecture and as the documentation released today shows foretold that this would have a disastrous and divisive effect on the two cultures.
Well, at least we now know, so maybe we can all relax about this two culture nonsense…

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Ruth Seeley April 1, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Ha ha ha – good one. But if there weren’t two cultures I wouldn’t be able to take such extreme pleasure in torturing linear thinkers who spend hours crafting conference call agendas. I like to start at B, jump to G, then M, then back to A. After an hour or so of this I mercifully dispense ibuprofen, so I’m not totally evil. 🙂

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