The science sceptic’s choice…

by webmaster on January 25, 2010

Isn’t it amazing what research gets hammered by the sceptics and what doesn’t?
Here’s a little test for you…
Two recent reports I read in The Guardian online: one about the risk of glaciers melting due to climate change or global warming; and one about how alien visitors would prove to have very human traits such as greed and a tendency to exploit others resources
Which one do you think the science sceptic will choose for their latest campaign?
Do you know what it is yet?
Well of course you do. Isn’t it obvious? The one that’ll be challenged by the sceptics is the climate change one. We know this not because it’s the logical answer, no. We know it because it’s not the first time that evidence based beliefs on climate change matters have been challenged.
Why, we must ask ourselves, is it that evidence based science very much of this planet will be challenged by sceptics, while the beliefs related to other ‘as yet unproven’ worlds will remain unchallenged?
Is it because we as yet don’t have any vested interests in the other worlds? Maybe we soon will: especially if we do find one that is capable of being messed up like this one; I mean capable of providing us with much needed resources which of course we only need because of what we’re doing to the one we started out on…
Answers on a postcard to Messrs. Obama, Brown, et al. c/o Location of next global summit on climate change, Earth, Milky Way, The Universe.

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